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My grandmother always used to say : "a good craftsman has good tools ", which is probably the equivalent of the English  proverb : "a bad workman blames the tool"...but a good craftsman is thankful for them.

When I found myself needing specific tools to work with double basses, I called my friend Jean Matthieu Vérant for help. He is a skilled blacksmith, artist and craftsman. First thing he made for me was this double bass soundpost setter , based on a model in use in the workshops from Lyon.


I call this soundpost setter my "shooting star". It is really the best tool ever to gently move a soundpost around inside a delicate double bass.

Today we are happy to offer a small quantities of them for sale. Each of them is carefully  made by hand, in a small mountain village of the French Alps.

Simply click on the picture on the left for more details and to order yours.

Here is Jean Matthieu's website, do have a look at his work :

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